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The PRO Balance Master® provides objective assessment and retraining of the sensory and voluntary motor control of balance with visual biofeedback on either a stable or unstable support surface.

Moveable Forceplate (Rotate)
Moveable Forceplate (Rotate)

The System utilizes a dynamic 18" x 18" dual forceplate with rotation capabilities to measure the vertical forces exerted by the patient's feet.

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Objective Assessment Protocols

The interactive technology and clinically proven protocols allow the clinician to objectively and systematically assess sensory and voluntary motor components of balance control. The objective data helps the clinician accurately identify underlying impairments for more effective treatment planning.

The PRO Balance Master includes the following standardized assessment protocols:

Sensory Impairments Motor Impairments Functional Limitations
modified Sensory Organization Test (mSOT)

Adaptation Test (ADT)

Limits of Stability (LOS)

Rhythmic Weight Shift (RWS)

Weight Bearing Squat (WBS)

Unilateral Stance (US) )

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Dynamic Training Protocols

Interactive, functional training exercises using visual biofeedback, coupled with sensitive, real-time monitoring of movement motivates patients to achieve greater balance control faster. Exercise protocols available on the PRO Balance Master can be tailored to meet individual patient needs and can be progressed as the patient's capabilities improve.

Proprioceptive/sensory-motor training can be enhanced as the clinician can independently set the movement of the support surface:

  • Responsive: The support surface moves in response to, and as a result of patient movement.
  • Variably Responsive: The surface moves in response to the patient, but the degree of surface movement varies each time the patient moves.
  • Random: The surface movement is computer driven and is completely unpredictable so the patient must constantly adjust their balance in response to the changing surface environment.

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Optional Capabilities

With the optional long (18" x 60") static forceplate, the PRO Balance Master can provide the additional functional assessment and retraining capabilities as included on the Balance Master®.

The Head Shake-Sensory Organization Test (HS-SOT) can be added to the PRO Balance Master for objective identification of abnormalities in the patient's use of vestibular inputs for balance during active head movements.

An EMG option is available, which provides additional stimulus during support surface rotations, and allows the clinician to obtain a detailed analysis of a patient's CNS and motor function.

Objective quantification of VOR impairment is available with the addition of the optional inVision™ package, which includes the Dynamic Visual Acuity (DVA) and Gaze Stabilization Test (GST) protocols.

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Automated Documentation

The System automatically documents all assessments for verification of patient progress and functional outcome. NeuroCom automated reports.

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